MULTACOM delivers the data center services you need, the way you need them. Our suite of data center services includes dedicated hosting, Windows and Linux dedicated servers, hybrid and private cloud solutions, colocation and premium bandwidth resources that are custom designed and managed to your specific requirements.

Dedicated Windows Servers

Our dedicated Windows Server is the perfect solution for resource-intensive applications. It provides the power, flexibility, and control you need for your individual workload requirements but gives you the physical security and compliance requirements you need from a single-tenant server. MULTACOM dedicated servers include premium bandwidth, bandwidth optimization, free on-site and remote reboot, and immediate hardware repair.

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Dedicated Linux Servers

Dedicated Linux Servers are frequently the server of choice for application developers and web hosting clients. DELL and SuperMicro Xeon servers provide you with direct and powerful control over the management of your servers. MULTACOM dedicated servers include premium bandwidth, free on-site and remote reboot, bandwidth optimization, and immediate hardware repair.

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Dedicated Server Specials

At MULTACOM, it’s our goal to provide our clients with the best combination of dedicated servers, hosting services, hybrid and private cloud, and premium bandwidth in one cost-effective solution. From time to time, we also offer additional discounts on dedicated servers.

Check out our Dedicated Server Specials page for our latest offers.

Hybrid Cloud

Have the cloud your way. Our hybrid cloud solution lets you connect traditional single-tenant servers to the cloud of your choice, in any configuration that works best for your business. We’ll listen to your specific requirements and design a hybrid cloud that meets your exact requirements. Our multi-cloud flexibility ensures that you get the scalability, security and performance you need.

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Private Cloud

A private cloud gives you the agility, scalability and efficiency of a public cloud combined with the security, customization and performance of a dedicated, single-tenant environment. MULTACOM’s private cloud takes that one step further with the addition of unparalleled 24/7 on-site support, remote equipment maintenance, multi-tiered security measures, and the ability to meet compliance requirements.

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Colocation enables you to remain in control of your IT resources while ensuring that they are in a highly secure environment with consistent availability, and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. From various rack and cabinet options, to free initial OS installation, DDoS protection, loaner servers, and premium bandwidth, our MULTACOM colocation services enable you to achieve your uptime, security, compliance, and productivity goals without incurring additional IT expenses.

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Secure, reliable, fast, flexible, and intelligent is how we describe our MULTACOM data center bandwidth. With a network that was built specifically to meet high-availability requirements, it includes redundant divergent fiber-optic connections, and connects to hundreds of peers and multiple tier 1 transit providers. MULTACOM eliminates service disruptions, delivers better performance, and provides cost-effective bandwidth.

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